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October 1, 2018

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Anne of Soay

November 25, 2017

Life in Arisaig has seemed pretty remote compared to the bustle of Brum however it's remoteness is nothing compared to where a copy of my book "Patterns in the Chaos" went to last week...


My friend on the mainland very kindly posted us a copy of your book ‘Patterns in the Chaos’. It had a bit of a trip post-wise as the postcode got altered and it ended up in the Soay half of the stone shed at Elgol, at the top of the jetty over on Skye. Our neighbour (singular!) had been over to collect his own mail via his fishing boat and found the wee package amongst his post. Having come into the bay, he rowed ashore to the beach below his house, he then slogged up the hill to the turning on the main track about ¾ mile from our house and tied it inside a plastic back to our mutually agreed ‘post tree’. (He lives about a mile away from us on the other side of the bay). He then dutifully texted to tell us there was some post for us in said tree. By this time it was too dark to collect it (no streetlights). Robert took the dog and picked it up the next morning... We had no idea what it would be as most of the main post comes via a mail boat from the mainland once a week! I tell you this tale as your book has had a small adventure of its own!

We got your book Tuesday gone... I had finished reading it by Thursday morning. Loved it!


I was fascinated by Dave’s wonderful experience with God and although the circumstances and even the reasons were different for me, I could say that my personal encounter with the Creator was almost identical. I was not aware of looking for Him at the time it happened, I found myself reading something I had come across by ‘accident’ online while searching for something else. The site intrigued me enough to just let myself seriously think about the possibilities that there might be a God and what He might be like. In a twinkling of an eye I experienced an awesome, subtle, yet powerful presence of something or someone huge, and knew instinctively that this was God Himself.


That same day, Robert had the same experience of God as me. He was not with me but out on a walk by himself... When he came home he discovered I had been changed too. ‘Patterns in the Chaos’ is so true... All those seemingly un-connected things make up a huge, amazingly complex but ordered tapestry. It’s only when you look back you realise how you have been carefully and tenderly nudged along to a safe place, even though none of us deserve it!

Much love,  Anne and Robert, Isle of Soay  (an island with just 3 inhabitants).


Read about Anne & Richard's Mark 11:23 miracle here.


Patterns in the Chaos is now £10 from Lulu. Buy a copy for someone and sow into our work here in the Highlands. You can buy it for less on Amazon and we get a worse deal but you can see some reviews. Thanks to all who will and have bought the book. We trust that you will be encouraged and smile.

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