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Heaven on Earth (Chapter 15)

October 1, 2018

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Dave & Mandy... Head North! Deut 2:3

September 29, 2017

The Jeremiah Tree was the name given to the informal fellowship that meets at our house. We never planned to begin a house group. It really came about due to a spontaneous gathering of friends during 2010.

Previous to this, Mandy and I pioneered and ran a free church called 'Church on the Hill' in south Birmingham. At the end of 2009, after 10½ years, we relinquished this over to another ministry. In September 2010 we dedicated our two adjoining houses to the Lord and our informal group became known as The Jeremiah Tree...  and if you are wondering where the name came from, it's the title of one of my songs on the ‘Call’ CD.   Dave Scott-Morgan


So on 24th September 2017 Dave and I re-launched the Jeremiah Tree Ministry (which has always felt more than a money tree, or a small group fellowship to me... I suppose with us going to Scotland we are starting a missions branch!!). The video below is a brief testimony of how we got "The Call to the Highlands". Dave's song is really my testimony...                                        


My calling from Jeremiah 1 

...11 The word of the Lord came to me: “What do you see, Jeremiah?”

“I see the branch of an almond tree,” I replied.

12 The Lord said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.”

 Correction: Shechem means ridge/neck. Moreh means teacher/archer.



Wall-to-Wall Goodness

Mandy and I have come into a knowledge of the wall-to-wall goodness of God and we know that we are called to proclaim this to people. We do it mainly through the witness of our own testimony. The prophet Hosea wrote that 'My people perish through lack of knowledge' and for a long time, Mandy and I lived below the privileges of God because we could not take on board the sheer vastness of His favour to his children.
Our story is one of the audacious and unqualified blessing of the Lord and because of it we feel positioned and equipped to bring encouragement and inspiration to the body of Christ.

The Jeremiah Tree has been active in distributing finances to Pakistan, the Philippines and Romania as well as more local needs. Now it will be used also for the expenses incurred in this new outreach phase.

People have asked us, "What will you do in Scotland?"

At the moment we can only tell you that we are not sure. We have some ideas but all we can say is that we are going "to a place that God will show us". We hold ourselves accountable to a 3 member team... but we appreciate all of the prayers and encouragements we have and will receive from you.

We already have so much exciting news to share with you. For updates on our great adventure subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page... or e-mail to say you do not want further information.

We have been asked how a person may sow into this ministry. You may do this on the fundraising page of the Dave and Mandy website or directly here for Pounds, Euros or US dollars.

Thanks and abundant blessings from

Dave & Mandy


I heard the water talk to me as if on bended knee
and it spoke about a parable the Jeremiah Tree
and when the spell was broken
and the glass began to shrink
I looked out over Babylon and saw the great ships sink
and Jeremiah's daughter, she was hanging on the brink
 without a penny for the blind
 without a message for the time
 but she was always thine.

The water came from miles away to bring to me a word
when I believed in Santa Claus and anything I heard
it told me of a mystery
a future that had past
I looked out over Babylon and saw it's cities smashed
and Jeremiah's daughter, standing ready for the task
 with a penny for the blind
 with a message for the time
 yes she was always thine.

Now the Lord was moving in the hills and valleys far below
and he sent his special one to plant where nothing else would grow
but hiding in the hedgerows and running through the fields
satan crossed the border

he was hungry for a meal
he snatched away her heart of love and re-fashioned it in steel
 without a penny for the blind
 without a message for the time
 but she was always thine.

But the days were drawing to a close and everyone could see
the acorns falling thick beneath the Jeremiah Tree
and as she toiled the stony ground
she came upon the spring

and water came from everywhere and flooded everything
and Jeremiah's daughter found at last the song to sing
 with a penny for the blind
 with a message for the time
 for she was always, always thine.






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