75 years service!

Again, our recalcitrant VW Golf got broken - it somehow got a pierced sump and distributed its engine oil over a car park in Fort William. ​​We were stuck – the dog, a pile of shopping and 30 ​​miles bad road between us and a warm bed! Fortunately, along with the AA, a friend was on hand who immediately sold us one of his cars! It’s a Touran, a sort of grown-up version of the Golf! (Looks good don't it?) We checked our bank account after paying for it and found that we had received a gift that covered the cost of the car and the insurance! Wow. Thank you to all who prayed.

On Feb 9, a​​​long with Highland guitarist Steve Brown, we did a rock n' roll charity show in ​​the Community Hall, Arisaig. About 60 local people came including many we had made acquaintance with and the proceeds went to Mallaig Swimming Pool.

We went back to the Midlands to attend a Business conference and on the way got stuck on Rannoch Moor. I'm so glad we remembered to take a shovel as we had to dig ourselves and other cars out of snow drifts and then do a 50 mile diversion to get around the weather. The whole episode added 5 hours to the trip!

It was refreshing to meet up with our friends, lodgers (our micro church). It is great to know that there are people in the world who know us well and yet still love us!! On the final evening of our busy trip we played at the 80th birthday celebration of our Pastor Dave Woodfield, who led both Dave and myself to the Lord. We are so grateful for the divine relationships that we have, new and old.

Me & Him Sis, Pastor & me

Some of you get our Youtube videos but if not, may I ask you to subscribe here so that we can get the channel name changed. You can turn the notifications off if you do not want to see the content but it would be helpful to us to get the numbers up so that we can continue to share some tunes and thoughts on certain scriptures with the Highland people, some of whom are quite iscolated especially during the tourist season. We know that we aren't accredited theologians, but we love Jesus and have over 75 years of experience with Him.

Here are our latest broadcasts:

Certainly Not? - (How shall we that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?!)

Blessed Assurance - Can you lose your salvation?

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