Theology & Tea!

Some of you have been following our antics on our personal or the Dave and Mandy Facebook pages where we often share experiences fairly instantly. Like this video of an interview on Nevis Radio where Dave is playing the song Still from the Highland EP.

We are still live streaming a bible study from our home and these can be seen page at 7:45 on Monday evenings by subscribing to Dave and Mandy Facebook page.

We have a Youtube channel the Jeremiah Tree that we upload our short reviews of the message. If you have a Youtube account please subscribe. Here are the latest ones.

What I've got

This is a comment from a viewer:

As I listen to this little song it brings a tear to my eye to think of God's Love in our lives... who I am and who I'm not ...anymore." Thanks both for sharing!

Con Carne You can tell if you're wordly or spiritual by the way you respond to things....

The New Man

In this short video Dave and I explore putting on the new man (Ephesians 4:24) and worshiping God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

One Spirit

Finally this is our attempt at explaining another deep theological concept whilst drinking tea! These chats and songs are done without scripting or rehearsing as you will see! We are just sharing our own understanding but we trust that you will sense the joy and love of God's word.

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