The dust is finally settling!

So we have been away from the Highlands of Scotland for over a month and our feet haven't touched the ground!! We had time to unpack and wash clothes then I had some work to do in Manchester for a few days. Back to Brum for another unpack and washing of clothes and then off to Tilbury Docks to do an Easter themed Celebrity Cruise.

We had only two shows on one night to do but this was frought with problems of working with the ship's band. The other acts did wonderful presentations but the most powerful events for me were the Life Stories. Cindy Kent told about her journey from being in the pop group 'The Settlers' she became a vicar and broadcaster and got an MBE. Syd Little told how his faith got him through the the death of his son and the attempted murder of his daughter. Paul Jones told about his famous TV debate where he argued with Cliff Richards about Christianity and Billy Graham. Cliff later invited him to a Luis Palau Meeting where his live-in girlfriend Fiona Hendley stood to accept Christ as her Saviour. He told how he grabbed her arm and said "Where will I sleep tonight?"!! She said that the Lord would sort it all out... at that he asked her to marry him and they both got born again! Fantastic how the Holy Spirit works on the hearts of men to reveal the love of the Father and the need of a Saviour.

We have endeavoured to continue with our Bible Study Broadcasts... Stay with this teaching to see a special guest and see who responds during the prayer!

I had started to feel a bit bad that the quality of our recordings has slipped and despite best efforts we were unable to do the studies live over the last few weeks.

Anyway after we put out the Easter message, we received this encouragment from a stranger: "New to you guys. Thank you for this video. Just what I needed."

Then out of the blue we got an e-mail from someone in Edinburgh that we met on the Easter cruise we did 2 years ago. He said: " the spirit kept prompting me to pray for you guys. I kept seeing a sea of honey which you were both active in spreading out around the West coast of Scotland."

This has spurred me to keep on getting the messages that we have out to whoever will listen. Jesus and his word are pleasant and His goodness cannot fail to spread. Honey is not just sweet to eat but anti-septic and anti-bacterial as well as used to heal wounds. We pray that these messages will build up and bring spiritual healing and health.

Please pray regarding how we are to proceed over then next few months. We are planning to attend a week's training in Leeds about radio broadcasting. It is quite pricey but we think that it will be useful in the Highlands. Also we have an Evangelistic show to do at Providence Baptist Church at Coseley in the Black Country on 21st April. We trust that the Lord will draw people and prepare hearts. We are wondering about when to return to the Highlands and how we will live there on a more permanent basis. We know that the Lord has a plan... we hope that we are brave enough to follow. Bless you for your encouragments and prayers. Love from Brummieland xx

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